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  1. What is an operating system?

    A user of modern technology hears the term “operating system” thrown around a lot. Most people can name a few examples: Windows and macOS on workstations and laptops, iOS and Android on phones. Some people might even throw in Linux or Unix or ChromeOS. Most people also understand that a …

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  2. Soulfully

    When Rajnish had agreed to mentor an intern, he was not expecting such a young girl. He was a little bit reassured when he was told how well Erica had done in college, that she was a “genius” — a dubious word, he would’ve preferred a “hard worker” or a …

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  3. Is the US the only country?

    A common trope within left-leaning American circles is to claim that the US is the only “developed” or “industrial” or “major” or “first world” country to not have X, where X is usually something like “publicly funded health care” or “government-guaranteed paid family leave” or similar.

    Recently this came up …

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  4. The Bible, Me Too, and Lust

    [Jesus said:] You have heard that it was said, “You shall not commit adultery.” But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and …

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  5. Angels

    The intern was nervous as she approached her boss, manila folder in hand. “Congresswoman Fischer,” she said, “I’m not sure I was actually supposed to see this document — I think it might be classified — but you did say you wanted me to look for examples of wasteful spending that …

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  6. Thievery

    There is an American folk belief – or perhaps it would be better to say, a folk legend of a folk belief, because we always ascribe it to other people, quainter people, who just would be silly and/or wise enough to have such beliefs, like maybe the Amish or the …

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  7. Are you sure?

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the local clergy, and the town council had been planning this concept for over a year. Finally they did it: Right in the town square, they installed a giant loudspeaker. From thenceforth, every two minutes, a booming voice would spread all over town, announcing “Are you …

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  8. Adulting in India

    The Way of NYC

    When I first moved to New York City, someone older and wiser than I gave me the following “rules” of New York City:

    • Nothing is cheap.
    • Nothing is easy.
    • There are no exceptions to the first two rules.

    I found this to be extremely true in …

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