Here are some resources I recommend for programmers. I am a systems programmer, thus my affection for Rust in particular and a general bias towards systems programming topics.

Recommended Rust Resources & Reading#

Here are a few links to materials that helped me get my bearings in Rust, and understand it deeper.

Many of these are bog-standard, and the same materials others would recommend. This is a good thing. Rust is an extremely well-polished programming language with an excellent community. Trust them about the idioms. Trust the programming language. If you don’t understand why Rust made a certain decision, know that there is almost certainly a well-considered, important reason, and that includes its choices of commonly-recommended documentation.



  • Rust for Rustaceans is a nice “second semester” course in Rust, covering all the things that every advanced Rust programmer really should know, and no longer has to learn the hard way. This contained a lot of especially useful information for the serious software engineering and dependency management considerations involved in maintaining a library and publishing a crate.
  • Faster than Lime, as far as I can tell, straddles beginner and intermediate.

Unsafe Rust#


Other Programming Reading#

Essential resources#


Classics, for the vibes#