Here it is, the Rust vs C++ mdbook.

I’ve wanted for a while to re-organize some of the content on my blog into gardens. I got the idea from the blog post “The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral”. Basically, some content is ill-suited to date-based, time-organized systems like blogs. In fact, most of my content remains valid over a long period of time, rather than participating in conversation (with some exceptions), but rapidly becomes less discoverable after I’ve written it, as it is buried by newer posts.

If I want to have content that is useful in a long-term fashion, the blog is not the ideal structure. While you can always scroll down, or look through tags, a more refined system would be to store information in gradually evolving, more comprehensive documents, that are gradually augmented or refined over time, that is to say, a garden.

The About Me page on a blog is one example of this, but my blog series about Rust vs. C++ seemed like another one where I had a lot of material that could be better structured and more coherently presented in a single, hierarchical document.

So I’ve posted it as an mdbook, here. I don’t like to think of this as a “book” in a form that would ever be published on paper – it’s not long enough, interesting enough, or complete enough for that. That would also go away from the garden aesthetic, where it is a continuous work-in-progress that is always evolving. But I do think the mdbook format is better suited to the material than my existing blog series, for long-term access.

I haven’t incorporated all the material from my blog series yet, as some of the older material I think could stand a re-write. It is maintained in the open on GitHub, so feel free to give feedback there in terms of issues and even merge requests. It’s released under the CC license for non-commercial, attributed, share-alike use, with this license file.

While I will continue to try and integrate existing material into this garden, and expand on it when I am inspired to do so, I plan on not focusing on Rust vs. C++ going forward. If there are any substantial additions, however, I will update you on this blog.

Thank you for reading! More, different Rust content is coming soon!